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Sean started in photography at a young age, snapping pictures at all of the things that he immersed himself in... things that most children would find themselves pointing a camera at. Never lending a hand to anything more then a hobby... Sean's camera was always in hand. "I can always remember having a camera, tinkering with angles... always having an interest. It's funny to think even in my lifetime how far photography has come. One of my most fond memories is of this old, 110 film camera, it was my first camera and I can remember it having a disposable set of flashes that mounted on it... Kinda like a camera 'clip,' yeah I thought I was pretty neat back then. I still kinda do today... but its hard to say that I have always been a camera buff, because I have not, but photography has always been a passion."

It was not until attending college at Liberty University that Sean realized he had a true talent for seeing objects and people in a different light. Fumbling with confusing buttons and controls slowly matured into a natural fit between photographer and camera. With years of experience and mastered skills, Sean still does not refer to his work as just that, but rather what it truly is... a passion! From the second he meets with future clients, Sean is all about making their experience one of vibrant quality and unyielding excitement. It is the belief of Sean Wells Photography that every shoot is an adventure and ever image captured is a moment in time to be cherished forever.

From a young, energetic couple that is recently engaged to the new Mr. and Mrs. as they share their big day with family and friends, Sean is dedicated to ensuring that every detail is one of high importance. Encompassed with his friendly approach, passion and professionalism, Sean Wells Photography is... "Picturing the moments that last forever..."


After shooting weddings professionally for 9 years and spending the past 4 in the hospitality industry, it hit us... why not combine the two? The technical skills that come from years in professional photography combined with e-commerce experience in the hospitality industry we know how to fill rooms... It's all about converting those "lookers into bookers," and representing your property with professional photos is the number one way to improve conversion. We know what pictures sell rooms and we know how to capture them. Whether a property is a two star or a four diamond we would be happy to help with improving bookings. We are located in the Tampa Bay area and service the entire Southeast, capable of travel outside of the area for paid travel expenses.

Call us at: 407-687-8187

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